We get it

Agents and publishing agencies are becoming more and more selective in the projects they take on. This isn't their fault; with computers in most households, it's easier than ever to capture stories. We understand the devastation of being told for the tenth (or twentieth) time that, "Unfortunately, it isn't what we are looking for right now." Some great stories slip by large publishing houses because they are so bombarded by submissions.

Creativity is hard to come by. And when something IS unique, often times it's pushed aside for the sure sell. Worse, an editor will ask an author to alter his/her vision for the sake of marketing and sell-ability.

At Fluky Fiction, we strongly stick by the old adage: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

...but sometimes, we all need a little help.

Let us help you share your story. Let us help you place those words onto the pages, or the screens, and under the eyes of eager readers. Our authors stay in complete control of their work. We will be involved as much, or as little, as you'd like us to be.


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