Black Comedy

Urban Fantasy

Death Dresses Poorly

by Marc Watson 

Coming December 2017

Ethan is a directionless twenty-something who has finally cast off the heartbreaking responsibilities of his broken boyhood home, but not without irreversible scars and sarcasm. After surviving a tragic accident, he begins to suspect he may actually have something to live for. Is it a hidden purpose? His new beginning? Finding a decent cup of coffee?


The answer is unclear, until one morning a familiar stranger appears. The poorly dressed man at Ethan’s door seems to have all the answers. But with those answers, comes a grave proposition.


Death Dresses Poorly is witty and realistically sarcastic; full of self-redemption and the dark, cosmic inner-workings of life and death. Comically sharp yet lighthearted, Death Dresses Poorly is the bittersweet tale of a young man’s journey through the discarded baggage of his childhood.

"Oh my god, this dialogue is fucking beautiful. I can honestly say that this is my new favorite book now...

This was the first book in a long time to properly satisfy whatever excuse for a soul I have."

"Death Dresses Poorly is Mitch Albom on steroids.

In a fascinating hybrid of compelling styles, Marc Watson gives us a fresh, unique take on what awaits a peak beyond the veil..."

Marc Watson is an author of genre fiction of all lengths and styles. He began writing at the age of 15 and continues to be a part-time writing student at Athabasca University. He has been published on flash fiction site (find his stories here) as well as comedy site


Marc lives in Calgary, Alberta. He is a husband and proud father of two. He is an avid outdoors-man, martial artist, baseball player, and lover of all Mexican foods.

He can be found at online, as well as on Facebook at, and on twitter at @writewatson

Want to learn more about Marc? Check out this interview .  Bonus: it includes an excerpt from his fantasy novel Catching Hell, Prt. 1, now available on Amazon through Double Dragon Press.


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