Spring: a time for swollen eyelids and updates

May 22, 2017

Oh, spring in New England. Finally, I'm able to venture outdoors without evaluating my life choices. As with everything in life, there is a price to pay. The price, for me, is that the trees decide to pummel my eyes with pollen. Have you seen the episode of Bob's Burgers where Teddy stays at Linda's bed and breakfast? Well, I look a lot like he did after having his allergic reaction. 


 Instead of slinging myself into a recliner and debating whether or not I should cut down all of the trees in my yard (for payback purposes, primarily), I decided I would make use of my uselessness in another way. It's time to write an "updates" blog post. I'll be honest. Updates posts are not my thing. I'd much rather help copy edit, coach an author, work on cover designs, or even clean up the dog shit waiting for me in the backyard. These all feel much more productive than an "updates" post. Being bleary-eyed increases the risks of typos. Blasphemy for an editor/publisher! I am a renegade, so I'm going for it. 


But hey, let's do this thing.


When Glints Collide: an anthology of science fiction, horror, and oddities

We still have some room left for stories in our anthology project. Unless the pollen has begun to destroy my brain cells,  I think we have about 16 confirmed stories at this point. Some of our confirmed authors include: Steve Evans (@SEvans_author), Howard Hachey (@howardhacey), CJ Mirren (@cjmirren), Brad Carl (@BradCarl22), A. Mangina (@amanginatweets), and Stacey Brouse. There are more authors we have approved, but we are awaiting their final revisions. If you're one of those authors, don't feel left out! I'll announce more names once the stories have entered the final stage of editing.


Honestly, I would like to include as many authors/stories as possible. I personally love anthologies, whether it be film or literature, and I think it is a great way to help authors gain more exposure and credibility. Plus, it's a nice way to cross-market. The stories I get stoked the most about are the ones that make me wonder, "What the f*** did I just read!?" Bonus for authors: we offer commissions (a percentage of all sales profits -- money is always nice), free editing and marketing services, and we will send you a free book.

The submission deadline is July 20 for stories to be considered. Stories and/or questions can be sent to cara@flukyfiction.com .



Howard Hachey's Ionic Relapse has a release date of July 25, 2017. This is the first book of The Doll Man Duology series. Ionic Relapse introduces the reader to Wayne King, a retired serial killer. We are given glimpses of his dark (and gory) past as we get to know Kieffer, an awkward, "too smart for his own good" teenager. I don't want to give too many specific story details, but their paths cross and  both characters are left to make some difficult choices.


What I liked most about Howard's story is that it didn't feel stale. I didn't think to myself, "Haven't I read this before?" as I often do with contemporary horror. Parts of the book are uncomfortable. It seems like authors and directors often hold back to avoid breaking taboos and possibly losing audiences. Howard Hachey tells Ionic Relapse as it must be told. I was beyond thrilled when Howard signed on with Fluky Fiction. Book Two of the duology should be available by the summer of 2018. I can't wait to read it and begin our editing work!


How about that cover art? DJ Price at Blind Faith Tattoo in Bangor was kind enough to lend his time, passion, and imagination to the creation of this artwork. If you ever want to get some ink, DJ is the best!



The Heart of the Hydra by A. Mangina (a satirical romantic-comedy) is receiving some reviews. One of my favorites that you won't see on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books a Million websites is by blogger Hannah Court (@creechhan). It can be found here on her book and make-up blog. What I love about Hannah's reviews is her level of honesty without losing her professional voice.


We had a feeling from the start that the point of the story would be lost on most readers. That is the way with satire, sometimes. Then I read this review by MM Justine (@mmjustineauthor), and I'm hopeful that the proper audience will find its way to this novel.


During one of my trips to Books a Million, I noticed two copies of The Heart of the Hydra in the romance section. I went back two weeks later and one of the books had been purchased. Considering how hidden the book was in such a large bookstore and that we currently aren't holding a promotional campaign, I thought this was pretty cool.


Once more of our authors' work is put into publication, we will begin a new round of promotions with this book. 



Alrighty, I think that is all I can handle for updates at the moment. Hopefully, my lack of vision didn't cause me to write something completely unreadable. Sorry if this is what happened. I guess it was sort of productive. Time bask in some Benadryl induced sleep.

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