Scent of Darkness: Top Five Fragrances to Wear This Halloween

October 5, 2017


Everything & Nothing by Tokyo Milk: Sweet orange, white flowers, desert moss, and black tea leaves. Satsuma tempered with the acidic tang of tea. Unique in that it’s one of those fruity scents what works well in autumn. Reminiscent of the Halloween candy you weren’t supposed to touch, but you did anyway.



Black Forest by Black Phoenix Alchemy:  Pine, ambergris, cypress, and black musk. Calls to mind a dark forest shrouded in mist, a flicker of light in the distance, and a path winding its way deep into the unknown. You’ll want to follow.



Red Room by Swan Children Alchemy: The original Twin Peaks series inspired this fragrance. Incense, motor oil, scorched wood, and tobacco ash. When I wore this, I was inspired to write a tough little piece of dark flash fiction. I can’t describe it better than the website: The scent of danger, unfiltered.



Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone: Black cardamom, pink pepper, leather, smoky incense. Inspired by rituals and rich with the rare Kyara incense, this fragrance creates a mood that I love to write to. Deep, mysterious, sexy. What to wear on your way to a séance held in an abandoned house.


5:40 p.m. in Madagascar by Kenzo: Hard to find in the U.S., this perfume is worth the effort for its unusual and beguiling scent. Lotus, pine, Madagascan vanilla blend to achieve a fragrance meant to represent the end of daylight. Perfect to start an evening of mischief.

Eden Royce writes for the Graveyard Shift Sisters. She also has published a collection of short stories called Spook Lights: Southern Gothic Horror.

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