A Halloween Wish

October 11, 2017


Good morning, literary and horror-loving friends. Originally, I had planned to post one of our author contributions for today's Wildcard Wednesday. However, a news article in the Bangor Daily caught my eye last night as I was settling down  for the evening:


Maine boy, 7, battling rare brain cancer asks for Halloween cards.

According to the article, Halloween is Brock's favorite holiday. The parents are asking anyone willing to write a card to send one to Brock. Getting cards in the mail gives him something to think about other than his illness. I don't know if motherhood has made me soft or what, but this story hit me hard. Even as I'm writing up this blog post now, I'm struggling to hold it together and not have mascara rivers swimming down my cheeks.


Brock Chadwick of Biddeford, ME is very sick. And what does he want?


Fucking. Halloween. Cards.


I'll keep this brief and I won't get too touchy-feely with you, but if a colorful piece of card stock and a sentence or two is enough to cheer up a suffering child, then what the hell do any of us have to bitch about? I'll be the first to admit that I've thrown my fair share of Pity Parties. Maybe not all of us are guilty of this, but a lot of the human population has had that moment of, "Holy God, my life is shit." Instinctively, some of us tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive. Especially those within the writing community. And here is this child facing a terrifying reality still enjoying and celebrating the things he loves. All of the negatively, pain, and garbage in this world casts a shadow on all of the brightness and warmth that still lingers here. And so, we tend to not see them. Maybe some of us choose NOT to see them. But, they still exist. Sometimes, us little people can be the source of some of that warmth.


So, my friends, I have a favor to ask.


If you have a few extra dollars, please pick up a Halloween card the next time you are at a store that stocks them. When you have two minutes of spare time, write a short message for Brock, and mail him a Halloween card. 


Brock Chadwick

11 McKenney Drive,

Biddeford, ME 04005


Thanks for your time, and thank you for considering this.

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