Hand Luggage

February 19, 2018

Author Cristina Bresser has glaciously shared an excerpt from her unpublished novel Hand Luggage with us. Check it out below!


   We ordered dinner in the room and spent the night in bed. We were hugging, talking quietly about our lives, past experiences and stories we went through when we were teenagers. We made love two more times during the night. I had never felt so close to a man before. That night we fell in love.


   The next morning, João Carlos took me to the most significant sights of the American capital. We had dinner in an Italian cantina next to the hotel and went to bed early, since we had a plane to catch early in the morning. We decided to go to my room this time, because his still smelt of moisturizer. That night, after we made love, he told me he loved me. I believed it.


   We then went back to work and I guess we couldn't hide our new status. I was soon considered The Boss's Lover. What a cliché. I didn't give a damn to the gossip in the agency or to anyone's opinion. I had never been happier, and had never felt so desired. From his legal separation to his divorce, just a few months went by. About a year and a half later, we got married in a very simple ceremony with few guests in a registry downtown. We were in love.


    Until a new intern came into the scene.


Keep an eye out for Cris's novel Hand Luggage!


Read Portuguese?

Check out her first novel Quase tudo é risível here.


Read a review of the novel here!



Cristina also has a short story and a poem featured in our love anthology The Muse and The Flame


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February 19, 2018

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